Maximize Efficiency In Challenging Surveying Conditions: The Trimble R10

GPS Trimble R10 GNSSEvery business looks for ways to increase the bottom line.  From upgrading hardware and software to employee education to processes and operational improvements, there are many ways to move the needle.  Once in a while, a product comes along that can hit many areas at once.  For survey and geospatial professionals, the Trimble R10 GNSS System is it.


In 2012, Trimble unveiled its R10 at the INTERGEO Trade Show in Hannover, Germany.  The R10 GNSS receiver was a bold move by Trimble to pack features and capabilities that professional surveyors valued most, while at the same time making it lightweight and more compact than similar models – no small feat.  Below are some of the standout features that make Trimble’s R10 a great choice for your surveying needs.


Key Trimble R10 GNSS Features

Trimbles’ HD-GNSS was developed to increase the assessment accuracy of error estimates than that of existing GNSS technology, particularly in adverse environmental conditions.  Better accuracy means better data and less re-surveying, and that translates into a more efficient process and reliability.


No Base Station Required

Trimble’s CenterPointTM RTXTM gives surveyors RTK level precision even when no base station or VRS network is available. This feature is especially useful for difficult “off-the-grid” surveying projects.


Trimble xFill

The xFill extends RTK positioning for several minutes when the RTK correction stream is not immediately available.


Trimble SurePoint

The SurePoint is an attitude-sensing technology devised to cut the occupation time needed to collect accurate survey measurements.  In fact, the SurePoint allows operators to capture positions even at a 15-degree pole tilt.  This feature is great because we all know that Mother Nature doesn’t care about making our job easy.



Trimble 360

The Trimble 360 supports signals from all existing and future planned GNSS constellations and augmentation systems.  This gives the purchaser more flexibility and extends the R10’s product life cycle.



Integrated wireless communications (IWC)

Trimble’s IWC expedites sending and receiving corrections and documents from the field.  Increased speed in communications means less time in the field and better-managed processes regarding operational costs and, in the end, a higher ROI.


Compact and lightweight

As with all technology, hardware always seems to get smaller and more powerful.  The Trimble R10 GNSS is no exception.  Trimble understands that creating a small and lighter package means the device is much easier to manage and that in turn makes the end user experience more positive – less maneuvering and fatigue means more time focusing on the job and better results.


The reason for the space and weight savings on the R10 lies in the design of the R10’s antenna.  Trimble designed the R10 receiver to be encased in thixomolded magnesium rather than aluminum.  This design element provides the durability aluminum but at a savings of 30% of the weight of aluminum, making the R10 much easier to maneuver and work with when in challenging topography.


A Robust Solution for Challenging Surveying Conditions


The R10 is a workhorse that delivers technological advances along with improvement for real work in challenging field topography.  Save time, money while increasing uptime and accuracy by adding the R10 to your short list of go to tools.


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