Topcon Equipment Repair & Service

Topcon Equipment Repair & Service

AGS is an authorized repair and service center for Topcon equipment. We're able to repair most equipment in-house with minimal turnaround time.

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Over 30 years in the industry has allowed us to become experts at the ins-and-outs of equipment service, including things like shipping, receiving, and communication throughout the process. 

If you'd like more info on our repair services, including information on what to expect when AGS is working on your equipment,  please visit our Service & Repair page.

Topcon and Sokkia Repair

Sokkia Equipment Repair & Service

In addition to servicing equipment from Topcon Positioning Solutions, AGS will also be able to fully support Sokkia equipment. We'll ensure full functionality and accuracy before returning your equipment, and we'll be in contact throughout the entire process.

Topcon Service & Repair

Services Include:

  • Manufacturer Services
  • Topcon Equipment Repair
  • Sokkia Equipment Repair
  • Repairs from Physical Damage
  • Screen Repair
  • Housing Replacement
  • Keypad Replacement
  • Data Collector Repair
  • Radio Repair
  • GNSS Equipment Repair
  • & MORE!
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