Oil and Gas Survey Equipment

Oil and Gas Survey Equipment.001Working in the oil and gas field means you put in long hours every day. No day is the same when working a pipeline, and no one understands this better than surveyors. With a deadline looming, having equipment you can count on is imperative.

When work is this critical, it’s important to have the right GPS equipment in the field. Having gear that you can depend on to work every day, all day means that you get that point in the ground when it needs to be.

Trimble is a leading Survey Equipment Manufacturer. You can count on Trimble’s GPS equipment to be a leader in technology, dependable and reliable. Pair this with AGS’s outstanding technical support & you have a winning combination. Below are some of the advantages Trimble Navigation brings to the table.

Trimble HD-GNSS Processing Engine

The advanced Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine provides significantly reduced convergence times, as well as positional confidence, with high precision. Surpassing traditional fixed / float methods to provide a more accurate calculation or error estimates, you can be assured that your points are the most exact they can be.

Full Tilt Compensation

The R10 continuously monitors pole tilt and compensates while the point is recorded. If a point is measured with a pole tilt beyond user defined settings, the user has the option to accept the point or not. As insurance that all your data is traceable, the R10 can record the pole tilt information and become part of your data file.

360 Receiver

Trimble 360 technology in the R10 supports signals from all existing & future GNSS constellations, and augmentation systems. With two integrated Maxwell 6 chips, the R10 offers unequaled 440 channels. This gives you the confidence that you have made a sound investment for today, and into the future.

Pipeline Module for Access

Trimble Access for Pipelines adds powerful tools to collect pipeline attribute data, record the relationship between welds & joints, and then, when the pipeline is surveyed, link the joint attribute data to the measured welds. Generate custom reports for the tally or joint map data, or the surveyed pipeline on the controller. The Pipeline module streamlines the workflows in the field, as well as in the office.

These are but a few of the advantages that Trimble brings to the table. When combined with AGS’s consummate technical support & customer service, your work in the oilfield and on the pipeline has just gotten easier.

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